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If support is required in editing advertising content to meet the required specifications, the Harrods Media Production Team are available to assist on the condition that packaged files are supplied.

The finalised advertising content, with any necessary changes made, will be provided to you for final approval.
An additional production fee applies
Hard Copy proof(s) will be produced in line with publisher specifications and delivered to the address(es) specified. If your file is not of the correct output intent for the publication requested, please also request repro assistance.

£25 (+ VAT) per hard proof requested and will be added to your standard ad delivery fee.

Total number of proofs requested: {{countTotalHardProofs()}}
Cost: £{{countTotalHardProofsCost()}} (+ VAT)

E-Mail: {{cntact.email}}
Phone : {{cntact.phone}}
Fast track your request with a 4 hours turn around for repro assistance, and next day delivery for hard proofing.
Please refer to the T&Cs for more details.

£15 (+ VAT) will be added to your standard ad delivery fee.

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